How to use this website – user instructions

To download in PDF format, click here: MBBC user instructions

To view online – see below


1. Member Directory

The Member Directory is only accessible to MBBC users who are logged in. Select ‘Member Directory’ from the top bar then, to log in for the first time, enter your user name (either the one you set up or which was automatically created) and the password you set up or the temporary one you were issued. You can enter this within the panel to the side or in the centre of the Member page. You can enter your email address as an alternative to your user name but not if you share one, as the system won’t be able to identify the individual.

Once logged in, you can view a list of all registered members and, by clicking on any of them, you can see the details for that person. You can also amend or add to your own profile by clicking on the ‘edit profile’ button in the log in box. The first thing to do, if you were issued a temporary password, is to change it to one that is unique to you. To do this, scroll down to the ‘new password’ section and enter your choice where indicated then, for confirmation, enter it again in the box below. Next scroll to the bottom of the form and click the ‘update profile’ button. Now you will log in with your newly chosen password. Ensure you remember your password and don’t disclose it to anyone else. If you do forget it, you will have to request a new temporary one by clicking the ‘forgot password’ option in the log in area.

Next check the details in your profile and make any corrections necessary.  You can also add further information, including a photo if you wish.  The decision on what details you show is down to you, with the exception of a couple of ‘required fields’, indicated on the form.  Any fields that are not relevant, just leave blank.  Remember to save any changes by clicking on ‘update profile’ before logging out or closing down.  Also note that, whilst you can view other members’ details, you can’t edit them.

Important note to users who share an email address.  In order to identify both users of a shared address, one party will be given a “mylorbowling” address.  If you see one of these in your profile, do not change or delete it.  Messages to this address will be automatically forwarded to your regular address and it means that both address sharers will receive correspondence relevant to them.

To include a profile picture, go to your ‘edit profile’ page and select ‘update image’ in the profile picture section.  Next click ‘choose file’ and select your chosen image from any file on your computer, press ‘upload file’ and the picture appears with a selection square inside it.  Drag or expand the square to include the section of the picture you wish to use, then press ‘crop image’.  Your profile picture will now be included.  Again, remember to press ‘update profile’ before leaving the page.

The member profile is linked to the joining process, so that details filled in on the application form automatically transfer to the member profile.  That’s why there are some additional boxes at the bottom of the profile form.  For existing members, these can either be left blank or filled in as you wish.

When logging in, you may be prompted to ‘save details’ or ‘remember me’, dependent upon your system’s settings.  This prevents the need to enter your log in details every time you visit the site.  Don’t do this on a shared or public computer.

For the small number of members who don’t use internet services, it is suggested that they team up with a fellow member, who can set up their log in, change passwords and keep them informed of any online information that may be relevant.

2. News and Events

This is, effectively, the MBBC notice board.  If you have any news, events, updates, announcements, photos, etc. that you want published, send the details with any supporting documents to and it can be posted on the site.

3. Fixtures

This is another restricted area, available only to members and you have to be logged in to view it.

The main fixtures tab will take you to the master fixture list, similar to the traditional printed version, but only showing future fixtures.  Completed fixtures are automatically moved to the results section. If you only want to see a particular category of fixture (for example Men’s A team), just click in the box in the right panel and it will only show those. By clicking on any individual fixture, further details will appear. These include teams and players, as long as they have been submitted by the manager/selector.  If the team sheets are blank, this is because this information has not been provided. It is on this page that you confirm your availability. Please note that all teams are shown in a standard form for four players. Therefore if it is a triples match, for example, no. 3 will be blank.

Please note that the term ‘rinks’ is used to denote the playing strips or ‘lanes’ in use and not a particular team size.  Within the fixture details this may show, for example, as 2 rinks and 8 players in total (2 x 4) or 3 rinks and 9 players in total (3 x 3). This assists team managers in seeing that enough players are available to fulfil the fixture.

You will notice there are two types of fixture in terms of selection criteria; ‘selected’ and ‘open’.  Selected is where the team is pre-picked and players who have been selected confirm their availability.  Once confirmed, that player’s name shows in a list below the teams, so the manager can see instantly who has confirmed their availability to play.  The system also reminds players which fixtures they have responded to.

Open fixtures (most commonly friendlies or tour matches) are when there is no pre-picked team and members are asked to express their interest in playing.  In these cases interested members still confirm their availability in the same way.  This creates a list of those who wish to play, from which a team can be selected.

For both types of fixture, the process is the same.  If you are part of a pre-selected team, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page for that particular fixture and click the ‘available’ button.  This will add your name to the list of players above who have confirmed their availability.  Even if you are not in the selected team, you can still confirm availability.  This will add your name to the list in case reserves or replacements are required.

If you are confirming you wish to play in an ‘open’ or ‘drawn’ fixture, do the same.  In this case, there will be no team selection showing and the manager will pick a team from the list of interested parties.

For both selected and open fixtures, the system can generate emails to the team manager and player confirming the ‘booking’ at different stages.   It is proposed that the system runs initially on a web view basis only (all player availability is visible) and we will review whether it would be beneficial to add email alerts and reminders to any of the fixture confirmation and selection elements.

Should you wish to cancel your availability for any fixture, you can do this by clicking on ‘Manage my Fixtures’ at the bottom of the fixture details page or going to ‘My Matches’ under ‘Fixtures’ in the top bar.  You will then see the option to cancel against the fixtures for which you are booked.

If you are unavailable to play in a fixture for which you have been selected, you should contact the team manager directly and not just rely on the fact that you have not confirmed availability.  At present, the system does not have an ‘unavailable’ option.

There are several other sub-headings under the fixtures tab as follows;


Once a fixture is completed, it automatically moves to the results page and will include the result and score, provided this information has been submitted by the team manager.

Bowling Club Addresses

A list of all the clubs playing against MBBC, with links to provide full details, maps, etc.

My Matches

This shows the list of fixtures for which the logged in member has confirmed availability and provides the option to cancel their availability for any particular fixture.

 Match Management

This section is only available to those members who have been given additional access rights.  It allows fixture details to be amended, teams entered and changed and match results/scores to be inserted.

4. Cleaning Rota

This is under the ‘Club’ heading and is also only viewable when logged in.  It shows the cleaning teams and the specific weeks they have been allocated for clubhouse cleaning.  Any queries or requests to change dates should be addressed directly to the Club Housekeeper.

5. Application Form

Within the ‘Club’ section, non-members will see this as a blank form to be filled in and submitted as an application to join the club.  Logged on members will see it as a completed form (i.e. their profile).

When a new applicant completes the form and clicks ‘register’, notification is sent to the secretary who can print and display the form, as per club rules.  The applicant details will appear in the directory as a ‘pending’ member, until approval is given.  The information completed on the original form is automatically transferred to their member profile.